Do all writers obsess over death, love and religion?  I wonder about this because it seems to me an underlying theme to so much literature and poetry.  Fear of Death, the embrace of Death, the path to Death, etc. etc…  Then there’s the quest for finding Love, loosing Love, living with or without Love, and opening your heart to Love after loss and on and on to infinitum. Finally, you begin searching for God, embracing God, the mysteries of the Bible, the path to God; this path by the way, ends in Death; in case you missed that part.

Is it just writers or is it humanity in general and that writers are just more well documented?  Not that I obsess over Death, but I have fallen into that abyss and come back, not my finest moment by the way, (and in an ironic twist, it was because I lost my Love) and I do wonder sometimes if God was there; for any of it.  Was He watching my pitiful little Human Struggle?  I do know that when I came back I was searching for something, anything to bring meaning to the life I had that was feeling like such a struggle.

I looked for God, went to his Houses here on earth – by that I mean I tried some different churches. None of them were my cup of tea; I started looking for something bigger than that.  What is bigger than God?  People ask me that when I try to tell them this story. “Why?” Yes, just so. “Why?” is bigger than God.  “Why?” is all encompassing, scientists, writers, philosophers and just about every Great Mind in the History of Mankind has been asking that one Question: “Why?”  Not all of those minds are looking for God, but each and every one of them was indeed looking to answer the question of “Why?”

I have always been a big spiritualist, and Yes, I do believe in God (as a Universal Connection). But no Church, no Reverend, no Pastor, no Religion has ever been able to satisfy my need to know “Why?” So I move on, I look further a field, I delve more deeply, I drink a few more shots of Rum and keep asking, “Why?”

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7 thoughts on “Home

  1. Aye, I have spent a lot of time pondering the “Why” of things, as well. Also, perhaps it because Death and God are two things we know not much about, and it is through poetry that we are able to vicariously experience them.

    Have you read about deism? It might be your thing.

    • I am familiar with deism, just in passing, but it tends to reject the idea of God interfering in our lives or with the natural workings of the universe. I believe in miracles and divine intervention, and in supernatural occurances. I am not sure yet, how it all works or fits together, but I have faith! 🙂

  2. Seeing as how my name is “Osama” you’re probably going to laugh off (or lash out on) my suggestion that you should give Islam a try, but then again what has anyone of us got to lose. This is an old post, and it has probably been a while since you last updated it, I do hope you got wherever you wanted to be as far as faith is concerned. God bless you.

    Osama Iftikhar

    • Osama, I would never feel that I have the right to laugh off or lash out at anyone’s religion or beliefs. Some of the kindest most peaceful people I have ever known practice Islam. I have in fact studied some of it’s principles and beliefs – the true beliefs not the extremist ones – and I know that Islam is not for me, but I thank you for the suggestion. I have studied many beliefs, and before anyone reading this casts any stones here, please note that every religion has extremists so I tend to ignore the bad and look for the good in what is offered in any belief system. I believe fully in religious freedom and the right of everyone to be happy as they so choose to worship. I have been gravitating more towards Paganism lately. It seems to offer me more spiritual satisfaction than many other more formalized religions. But again I do most sincerely thank you for the suggestion and for your blessing. God be with you.

      TL Gabbert

      • Not at all, I could merely offer you a suggestion while you have the freedom to embrace and practice whatever faith you feel most comfortable with. I thank you for the respect you have for every religion. I hope you find satisfaction and solace with whatever system of belief you settle for.

        Wishing you well,
        Osama Iftikhar

  3. Anna

    Hello! I nominated you for the Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award! Look here for more details: http://pluanna.wordpress.com/2014/09/10/sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-award/


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